»Magazine 04/2015: A Golden Age of Craft

Editor's introduction by André Gali

Craft is cooler than ever…

In this issue of Norwegian Crafts Magazine we publish articles discussing the currently ‘cool’ status of crafts.  

Young Artists Put Wind in the Sails of Norwegian Crafts

From being associated with foot-form shoes and dreary ceramics, Norwegian crafts now has wind in its sails and international recognition.

Optimism and challenges

The dynamic energy, confidence and ambition of the craft sector has never been more apparent. There is a growing interest and popularity of making and the handmade in all its forms – ranging from the traditional to the contemporary – apparent on our high streets and in our media.

Show Me, Tell Me.

A review of the book Show And Tales: On Jewelry Exhibition-Making

A Design Delight: 2015 edition of Design Miami/

This year’s edition of Design Miami/ was (if it is possible to make a broad assessment) filled with innovative vignettes for interior spaces, interesting references to historic moments in the development of global design movements, and attractive visions of the future of applied design for both public and private consumption.

While the night is still young, Clark's ceramic clairvoyance could create a cataract

The coming of Garth Clark, the editor of CFile Daily, to Oslo in September 2015 was something of a happening within the local community of ceramic artists and people from other craft disciplines and correlate institutions. Christer Dynna reflects on Clark's lecture and the increasing interest in ceramics in the contemporary art world.