Support for artists

Support programmes for international art and culture collaboration.
Deadlines: 1 April and 1 October 2017

The MFA's programme for freight and travel support are only available to Norwegian or Norway based artists, curators, writers and critics. 

The programme in brief

·       Artists exhibiting craft abroad, or else mediating craft abroad, may apply

·       Writers, art critics and curators actively mediating craft abroad may apply

·       Financial frame: 735 000 NOK annually

·       Deadlines: 1 April & 1 October

·       Online application through

Norwegian Crafts administers the Norwegian Foreign Ministry's support programme for freight and travel support. Norwegian artists and/or artists based in Norway can apply for funding for craft exhibitions/projects taking place abroad. Norwegian or Norway based art critics and curators can apply for funding for international projects in which they have an 'active role' - lecturing, taking part in a seminar or panel discussion etc. 

Norwegian Crafts administers the Norwegian Foreign Ministry's scheme for crafts, operating with two deadlines a year – April 1st and October 1st.  

Please note that only electronic applications sent in using the STIKK-portal will be accepted, and that all communication regarding applications, including final results of the application rounds will be via e-mail.

For more information please contact Tonje Kjellevold at Norwegian Crafts:

NO: En veileder med tildelingskriterier og tips til søknadskrivingen finner du her. Budsjett- og regnskapsmal finner du her.


Recipients of STIKK-funding:  

Round A 2016 (deadline April 1st)

·      Andrea Scholze,  Collective Design Fair, USA
·      Group exhibition,  Teijon Museum, Finland
·      Elisa Helland-Hansen, group exhibition, Gallery TRAX, USA
·      Gry Ringset, 36 Concurs Internacional de Cerámica CICA2016, Spain
·      Kjersti Sletteland, Tone Boska - Biosenario, Gallery Maronie, Japan
·      Linda Jansson Lothe, Blås&Knåda, Sweden
·      Marit Tingleff, Undercurrents, The Clay Studio, USA
·      Torbjørn Kvasbø, 47th IAC Congress and General Assembly
·      Kari Steihaug, group exhibition, The Contemporary Arts Center, Ohio, USA
·      Karina Presttun, 15th Triennial of Tapestry, Poland
·      Kristine Fornes, 15th Triennial of Tapestry, Poland
·      Kirsten Storesund, Northmodern, Denmark
·      Edith Lundebrekke, Collective Design Fair, USA
·      Cecilia Xinyu Zhang, Spazio Rossana Orlandi, Milan Furniture Fair, Italy
·      Simen Musæus, Stian Korntved Ruud, Skulptur Bredelar 2016, Germany

Round B 2016 (deadline: October 1st)

·       Andrew Barton, Private View Gallery, Italy
·       Hanne Kirsti Lunder, Galería de Arte, Guatemala
·       Heidi Bjørgan, solo show, Blås & Knåda, Sweden
·       Heidi Bjørgan, Collect London 2017
·       Sidsel Hanum, J.Lohmann Gallery/ The Salon, Art+ Design, NY
·       Wisam Alsamad, Meeting the Iraqi Creators in the Diaspora, Haag
·       Kiyoshi Yamamoto, Arctic Handmade, Finland
·       Kristin Sæterdal, Here and Now, National Centre for Craft & Design, UK
·       Kristin Sæterdal, World of Threads Festival, Canada
·       Lise B. Linnert, Rubin Center of Contemp. Art and Juarez Contem. Art, US/Mexico
·       Åse-Marit Thorbjørnsrud, LOOT 2017, NY
·       Ann Naustdal, Latitutde 64, Kajaani Kunstmuseum, Finland

Round C 2016 (additional deadline: December 1st)

·       Kristin Opem, Norwegian and Polish Contemp. Design, ICC, Krakow, Poland
·       Elin Aasheim, Free Play, Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara, USA
·       Kiyoshi Yamamoto, 7th Tallinn Applied Art Triennial, Estonia
·       Anna Talbot, solo show, Platina, Sweden
·       Aron Li, Collect 2017, UK
·       Felieke van de Leest, solo show, Galerie Rob Koudjis, the Netherlands
·       Nanna Melland, 7th Tallinn Applied Art Triennial, Estonia
·       Reinhold Ziegler, solo show, Galerie Wittenbrink, Germany
·       Hilde A. Danielsen,  7th Tallinn Applied Art Triennial, Estonia
·       Kneip, Design Talks, Design Miami, USA
·       Kristine Bjaadal, Norwegian and Polish Contemp. Design, ICC, Krakow, Poland

Round A 2017 (deadline: April 1st)

·       Andrea Scholze, group exhibition Tresor Contemporary Craft fair, Basel, Switzerland
·       Anita Hanch-Hansen, 7th Tallinn Applied Art Triennial, Tallinn, Estonia
·       Christina Peel, Design with Character, Design Pier, Hong Kong
·       Hedvig Winge, 7th Tallinn Applied Art Triennial, Tallinn, Estonia
·       Kamilla Sajetz Mathisen, group exhibition, Gallery M, Potsdam, Berlin, Germany
·       Kari Aasen, group exhibition, Amy Li Gallery, Beijing, China
·       Lin Wang, 7th Tallinn Applied Art Triennial, Tallinn, Estonia
·       Marit Tingleff, solo show, New Art Centre, Wiltshire, UK
·       Marit Tingleff, group exhibition Tresor Contemporary Craft fair, Basel, Switzerland
·       Torbjørn Kvasbø, Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale 2017, Rep. of Korea
·       Trine Hovden, Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale 2017, Rep. of Korea
·       Trine Hovden, 7th Tallinn Applied Art Triennial, Tallinn, Estonia
·       Wisam Alsamad, The Arab Bok Club of the United Nations, Geneva, Switzerland
·       Ann Naustdal, group exhibition, Gallery Vigadó, Budapest, Hungary
·       Hanne Friis, group exhibition, Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery London, UK
·       Ingrid Larssen, solo show, kirkegalleriet Vopnafjördur, Iceland
·       John K. Raustein, retrospective group exhibition, Gustavs Konsthall, Sweden
·       Kari Steihaug, 7th WTA International Biennial of Contemporary Textile Art, Uruguay
·       Kristin Sæterdal, participation w Gallery Format, Collect 2017, London, UK
·       Benjamin Slotterøy, participation w Gallery Format, Collect 2017, London, UK
·       Felieke van der Leest, solo show, Froots&Nogart, Shanghai, China
·       ARKIVET, participation Athens Jewellery Week, Greece
·       Hanne Øverland, Johanne Lund Ness, 7th Tallinn Applied Art Triennial, Tallinn, Estonia