International Support for Galleries and Independent Exhibition Spaces

Galleri Format Oslo's booth at CHART Design Fair, Copenhagen
Guidelines for International Support for Galleries and Independent Exhibition Spaces (ISGIES)

ISGIES guidelines: 2019–2021


1. Goal
International Support for Galleries and Independent Exhibition Spaces is aimed to strengthen the participation of Norway based galleries abroad and contribute to increasing both the demand and internationalization of contemporary art, including contemporary crafts. 

The gallery support aims to stimulate international participation of galleries that are based in Norway, especially within significant international art fairs and temporary exhibition spaces.

2. Grants and grant management
The parliament of Norway makes annual decisions on the framework for the Office for Contemporary Art Norway (OCA) and Norwegian Crafts (NC). The Ministry of Culture allocates annual grants to OCA, who manages these.

3. Who can apply?
Norwegian galleries and independent exhibition spaces that have entered into a binding agreement with one of the listed art fairs or temporary exhibition spaces can apply for the grant.

4. Criteria for applications
Support will automatically be granted based on OCA’s available funds, if a gallery or independent exhibition space exhibits at least one contemporary artist who is Norway based, at one of the international art fairs or temporary exhibition spaces that are listed on the overview of eligible arenas.

OCA and NC (when it comes to contemporary crafts) will produce and revise the list of eligible arenas annually. The list is completed by October the previous year and will be available at and Applications will be processed on a rolling basis.

5. What can be applied for
The following four categories can be applied for: 

- Participation fee (documented fee for participating in fairs or temporary exhibitions)
- Art transport
- Art insurance
- Information material related to the participation at the event

The application amounts will be prioritized based on the categories mentioned above.
This grant does not support travel, hotel or accommodation.

6. The amounts applied for
Up to 100% support is given for costs, if the costs are between 1 - 100,000 NOK.
Up to 70% support is given for costs, if the participation fee is larger than NOK 100,000 NOK.

Regarding the division above, 100% and 70%, regulations are set by the following three points: 

- The maximum amount that can be given per application is: 400,000 NOK.
- The maximum amount that can be given to an applicant within a calendar year for participation in the fair within the same calendar year is: 700,000 NOK.
- The maximum amount that can be allocated to an applicant over three calendar years is: 1,900,000 NOK.

It is refered to the Commission Regulation (EU) No 1407/2013 of 18 December 2013 on the application of Articles 107 and 108 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union to de minimis aid.

7. Application demands Applications must be submitted through the application form, link published on Guidelines and form available on The application must be fully completed with sufficient grounds. A copy of the commitment to the event must be attached to the application. Furthermore, a complete list of the artists the gallery will present at the fair, at least one of the artists must be a Norwegian citizen or permanently based in Norway, should be enclosed. The application must also include: • Quote for transport and marketing costs • Invitation letter with information that documents the cost of the participation fee If support is provided from other grant schemes, this must be stated in the application and in the budget. Support is not granted retrospectively. Traveling to areas where the Ministry of Foreign Affairs discourages travel is not eligible, see travel advice on

8. Application Process The application process is ongoing through the year without deadlines. The amounts are calculated on the basis of the percentage set for the scheme. The grants are given to Norwegian and Norway based galleries and independent exhibition spaces that have been invited to attend art, or contemporary crafts fairs that are listed each year by OCA and NC. The list is revised every October. Internal control of the calculations shall take place and be logged.

9. Reporting
Within a month of the finalisation of the event a report and budget overview must be sent to OCA through the pages. 

10. Test period
This grant scheme and guidelines are a test for a period of three years, 2019-2021.

List of eligible art fairs 2019 for support for contemporary crafts:
SALON, Art + Design, New York
Nomad, St. Moritz, Monaco (de legger til flere steder forløpende)
Collectible, Brussel
PAD, London
Masterpiece, London
Frame, München
FOG, San Francisco
Revelations Grand Palais, Paris
Collect, London
Design Miami/
Design Miami/Basel
Tefaf, New York and Maastrich