magic language///game of whispers

The Nordic Craft Pavilion at Revelations - Fine Craft and Creation Fair, Grand Palais, Paris 9-13 September 2015

Kjersti Lande (NO) ∣ Inger Andersson (SE) ∣ Deepa Panchamia (FI) ∣ Marianne Nielsen (DK) ∣ OrriFinn Jewels (IS) ∣ Pernille Mouritzen (DK) ∣ Camilla Luihn (NO) ∣ Helga Ósk Einarsdóttir (IS) ∣ Maria Nuutinen (FI) ∣ Maki Okamoto (SE) ∣ Studio Hlutagerðin (IS) ∣ Lea Mi Engholm (DK) ∣ Saana Murtti (FI) ∣ Hanne Friis (NO) ∣ Miro Sazdic (SE) ∣ Sonja Löfgren (FI) ∣ Janne Krogh Hansen (DK) ∣ Mia E. Göransson (SE) ∣ gunzlerpolmar (NO) ∣ Studio Hanna Whitehead (IS) ∣ Beatrice Brovia (SE) ∣ Trine Trier (DK) ∣ Thorunn Arnadottir (IS) ∣ Nathalie Lahdenmäki (FI) ∣  Ingrid Becker (NO)

Katrine Borup (Denmark), Agnieszka Knap (Sweden), Anna Leoniak (Iceland), Katarina Siltavuori (Finland) and Marianne Zamecznik (Norway).

Object 11: Brynja and Skjöldur, by Studio Hlutagerðin, Iceland

The Nordic Pavilion at Revelations - Fine Crafts and Creations fair consisted of an exhibition entitled magic language///game of whispers - a selection of contemporary objects from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

magic language///game of whispers is an innovative curatorial concept based on the children’s game known by many names, including ‘téléphone arabe’, ‘chinese whispers’ and ‘the messenger game’, where a person whispers a message to the next, passing the message through a line of people until the last person announces the message to the entire group. Curator Marianne Zamecznik developed this method for selecting contemporary crafts from across the Nordic region.

-  not only draws upon a forgotten way of creating new meaning, but is also a way to engage five curators, institutions, and countries in the process of exhibition-making. The game of whispers itself becomes a tool to generate texts, images, reflection, dialogue and engagement. Instead of having one curator travelling from place to place to select works – the objects themselves travel and “select” their counterparts with the help of the curator-as-translator, says Zamecznik about her curatorial method.

«Instead of (...) travelling from place to place to select works – the objects travel and "select" their counterparts (...)»

Marianne Zamecznik, about her curatorial method
Object 17: TAROT, by Janne Krogh Hansen, Denmark
Object 18: New Nature - before and after science, by Mia E. Göransson, Sweden
Object 19: The Larvik Series, by günzler.polmar, Norway

Five Nordic craft associations have carefully selected their national curator for the “game”. They were asked to respond to an introductory statement by Zamecznik and select objects from images and a statement about the previous object. The process continues in a sort of relay race, where one curator after another selects a work to be included in the exhibition.

The Nordic Craft Pavilion was produced by Norwegian Crafts for the Nordic Network of Crafts Associations (NNCA). The member organisations of NNCA are Danske Kunsthåndværkere og Designere, HANDVERK og HÔNNUN, Konsthantverkscentrum, KIF, Norske Kunsthåndverkere and ORNAMO.

Funded by: Nordic Culture Point, Nordic Culture Fund, Institut Suédois, Institut Finlandais, Royal Danish Embassy, Royal Norwegian Embassy and Embassy of Iceland.

Object 15: Das Unheimliche, by Miro Sazdic, Sweden
Object 14: Secrets(blue), by Hanne Friis, Norway
Object 25: Whispering by Ingrid Becker, Norway

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