Residency for Skills

Norwegian Crafts announce a residency programme for Norwegian artists in the US and China

What is Residency for Skills?
Residency for Skills is a residency programme under development by Norwegian Crafts. The aim of the programme is to secure placements and grants for Norwegian craft artists at selected artist studio residencies and craft schools around the world.

Norwegian Crafts has, thus far, secured placements and grants for Norwegian artists at three schools: 

Pilchuck Glass School: Pilchuck Glass School is an international center for glass art education in Stanwood, Washington (USA). Norwegian Crafts sponsors one Norwegian craft artist annually to Pilchuck Glass School's summer programme. Applications are made directly to Pilchuck by 1 February each year.

Haystack Mountain School of Crafts: Haystack Mountain School of Crafts is an international craft school located on the Atlantic Ocean in Deer Isle, Maine (USA). Norwegian Crafts' collaboration with Haystack secures two Norwegian craft artists placement in Haystack's summer programme each year. Norwegian Crafts collaborates with the American Scandinavian Foundation in order to secure funding for the programme, including a scholarship to the successful candidates. Applications are made to Norwegian Crafts by 1 February. 

Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute: Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute (JCI) is a comprehensive ceramic institution of higher education in Jiangxi, China. Norwegian Crafts and JCI are collaborating on establishing a 1-3 month residency for Norwegian artists at the institute's international school and studio residency, starting in 2018. Norwegian Crafts will carry out a pilot of the programme in 2017, with two Norwegian artists participating, Heidi Bjørgan and Irene Nordli.

JCI and Norwegian Crafts began working together on establishing a grant and placement scheme to secure Norwegian participation to JCI's residency after Norwegian Crafts visited JCI in November 2016

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