Hard Transits, Neil Forrest

RAM galleri show ceramic works by Neil Forrest.

For this exhibition Neil Forrest has built four clay ships of Norwegian origin or related to Norway, the Fram, the Gjøa, the Maud & the Northern Star. Each of these have their individual dramas, some of which are well known, but all relate to issues that the modern state of Norway confronts in relation to its 19th century past, and one reaches further into history.

In Forrest´s own words:
The concept began with my interest in the Kvernes stave church which hosts a compelling wooden model of a Swedish frigate (famously sunk by vice-admiral Tordenskjold) and set dead centre. This object-within-a-building is where I began. Within each ship of mine, is a building (or object) that suggests certain confrontations in  Norwegian modernity.

Writer and critic Kjetil Røed has written the catalogue essay for the exhibiton.

Neil Forrest is professor at Oslo National Academy of the Arts, at the department of Visual Arts.

More information: http://www.ramgalleri.no/index.php?option=com_k2&view=item&id=342:neil_forest_2013&Itemid=104&lang=no

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