Support Scheme for International Craft Projects

Norwegian Crafts the MFA support international craft projects
Annual deadlines: 1 February, 1 May & 1 October

Norwegian Crafts and the Norwegian MFA’s Support Scheme for International Craft Projects is only available to Norwegian or Norway based artists, curators, writers and critics. The support scheme was updated in 2022. For full information about the updated guidelines, see

The programme in brief

Artists exhibiting craft abroad, or else mediating craft abroad, may apply

Writers, art critics and curators actively mediating craft abroad may apply

Curators can apply on behalf of a group of artists (new from 2022)

Publications (catalogues, artist books etc.) or other promotional material (digital or printed) may receive support if the publication is intended for international promotion. A publication may be an independent project or related to a specific exhibition. Larger publications must have a publisher.

Norwegian artists and/or artists based in Norway can apply for funding for international craft publications/exhibitions/projects.

Norwegian or Norway based artists or curators can apply for funding for international craft exhibitions on behalf of a group consisting of Norwegian or Norway based artists.

Norwegian or Norway based art critics and curators can apply for funding for international projects in which they have an 'active role' – lecturing, taking part in a seminar or panel discussion etc.

Art students may receive support on a case-by-case basis.

Financial frame: 1 000 000 NOK annually
Deadlines: 1 February, 1 May & 1 October

Norwegian Crafts administers the Support Scheme for International Craft Projects, operating with three deadlines a year: 1 February, 1 May & 1 October.

Please note that only electronic applications sent in using the STIKK-portal will be accepted and that all communication regarding applications, including final results of the application rounds will be via e-mail.

For more information, please contact Marthe Y. M. Hansen at Norwegian Crafts:


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Applicants may apply for

- Transport and insurance for artworks for exhibitions abroad
- Promotion material (digital or analog
- Participation fees / rent of exhibition space for exhibitions and art fairs
- Travel costs, when the applicant has an active role that makes this necessary (e.g. dissemination, mounting of work)

New as of 2022
- Production of artworks that will be exhibited abroad (materials, the artist's working hours)
- Compensation for making transport material if the artists makes this themselves
- Compensation for project management
- Exhibition material and architecture (materials, production, working hours)

For complete information see


Applies for rounds up to- and including the final round in 2021.

The global pandemic COVID-19 causes several exhibitions, trade shows and other events to be postponed or cancelled. This also affects Norwegian and Norway-based artists with projects at home and abroad. It is likely that the virus will continue to affect the art field for a long time. When planning new international projects, transport, travel and the like should be booked with cancellation or refund options, whenever possible. Norwegian Crafts recommends all artists to exercise caution and to follow the requirements, recommendations and advice of the Norwegian health authorities.

If you have received support from the MFA's support programme for freight and travel via Norwegian Crafts, the following guidelines apply:

If your project is canceled, you must inform Norwegian Crafts as soon as possible. Unused grant funds must be returned to the scheme. "Lost" funds, that is, grant funds used in the planning of the project that cannot be reimbursed should not be returned, but Norwegian Crafts must be informed.

If your project is delayed at a specific or indefinite time) you must inform Norwegian Crafts as soon as possible. The grant funds must not be repaid before the project is canceled.

If your project is carried out according to plan, the grant recipient is obliged to follow the recommendations of the Norwegian health authorities and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' travel advice and restrictions. Grant funding cannot be used to carry out projects in countries where travel is discouraged by the MFA (regardless of whether COVID-19 is the background for the travel advice). Visit the Foreign Ministry's website for a complete overview.

If your project is being implemented in a different way than planned, Norwegian Crafts must be informed.

If your project has received funding for travel that cannot be carried out due to COVID-19, you can have re-allocated the travel funding to promotional material. This must be cleared with Norwegian Crafts.

Contact grants officer Marthe Y. M. Hansen with information and questions.

Recipients of funding

List of all rounds at

Round A 2022 (deadline 1 February)

Amalie Vöge Jensen and Julia K. Persson, duo exhibition 'Gentagelse / Fel', Höganäs Konsthall, Höganäs, Sweden, 14 May–12 June 2022. 30 181 NOK.

Catrine Danielsen (curator), AfterGlow - New Nordic Porcelain Forum, Clay Keramikmuseum (Middelfart, Denmark 21–27 March 2022), and Gustavsberg Porslinsmuseum (Gustavsberg, Sweden 30 May–6 June 2022). 24 000 NOK.

Heidi Bjørgan, publication and solo exhibition, Taste Contemporary, Geneva, Switzerland, 12 September–2 October 2022. 50 000 NOK.

Irene Nordli, Galleri Format Oslo at NOMAD CIRCLE, St. Moritz, Switzerland, 1–6 March 2022. 10 000 NOK.

Linda Jansson Lothe, group exhibition Fairy tales, myths and stories, Galerie Handwerk, Handwerkskammer fur München und Oberbayern, Munich, Germany 3 May–11 June 2022. 4 000 NOK.

Ingun Svanes Almedal (curator for the exhibition and on behalf of artists: Katrine Køster Holst, Máret Ánne Sara, Ahmed Umar, Lin Wang, Raisa Porsanger in collaboration with a sound artist), group exhibition «We come from the other side», The Palace of Nations, The United Nations Office, Mezzanine Gallery, Geneva, Switzerland, 12–24 September 2022. 160 000 NOK.

Gabriella Göransson, International Paper Art Biennial 2022, Kunststichting Perspektief vzw - Art Fondation Perspektief, Cultural Community Center, Haacht, Belgia, 23 March– 4 April 2022. 16 191 NOK.

Trine Mauritz, Galleri Format Oslo at NOMAD , CHESA PLANTA, Samedan, St. Moritz, Switzerland. 1–6 March 2022. 11 000 NOK.

Karin Forslund, solo exhibition, Grønbechsgård Bornholms Center för Kunsthåndværk, Hasle, Denmark, 9 April–28 June 2022. 10 818 NOK.

Gjertrud Hals, participation in the group exhibition Résaux-Mondes, Centre Pompidou, Paris, France, 23 February–25 April 2022. 22 000 NOK.

Gjertrud Hals, participation in Homo Faber Event/ Next of Europe, Giorgio Cini Foundation, Venice, Italy, 10 April–1 May 2022. 32 500 NOK.

Karoline Bakken Lund, Ringblom, Good Weather Gallery, Chicago, USA, 1 November–5 Desember 2022. 11 100 NOK.

Ying-Chu Shih, solo exhibition 'The Companion', A-Galerii, Tallinn, Estonia, 4–29 March 2022. 4 900 NOK.

Round B 2022 (deadline 1 May)

Astrid Sleire participation in 'M.A.KE Mid Atlantic Keramik Exchange' including group exhibition, Reykjavik, Iceland, 27 May–10 June 2022. 6 500 NOK.

Ann Beate Tempelhaug, Spazio Nobile Gallery: PAD London, Paris + Art Basel, Luxembourg Art Week, Spazio Nobile At Home. London, UK, Paris France, Luxembourg, Luxembourg, Basel, Switzerland, Brussels, Belgium, 10 October–13 November 2022. 40 000 NOK.

Anne Thomassen, solo exhibition at Blås&Knåda, Stockholm, Sweden, 8–26 October 2022. 24 000 NOK.

Eléonore Griveau, solo exhibition 'What have I done?', Adiazence Art center, Bologna, Italy, 11 November–21 December 2022. 15 000 NOK.

Marte Johnslien i utstillingen 'Drape', FOLD Gallery, London, , 27 April–4 June 2022. 15 970 NOK.

Sisse Lee, solo exhibition 'Slow Feeder II', Peach Corner, Copenhagen, Denmark, 11 November– 17 December 2022. 30 000 NOK.

Torbjørn Kvasbo, solo exhibition, CAFA Art Museum, Beijing, China, October–November 2022. 40 000 NOK.

Elin Melberg, Format at Enter Art Fair, Copenhagen, Denmark 25–28 August 2022. 10 000 NOK.

Bergljot Jonsdottir for S12, Catalogue 'Norsk Glasskunst - 3 Blikk', S12 Gallery and workshop, 2022–2023 (exhibitions at Slovak Glass Musem opening in April 2023, and S12 in 2022 and 2023). 40 000 NOK.

ARKIVET: Putte H. Dal, Hilde Dramstad, Camilla Luihn and Ella Heidi Sand, exhibition 'Ice Cold', A-galerii, Tallinn, Estonia, 6 July–27 August 2022. 60 000 NOK.

Linda Jansson Lothe, Kari Håkonsen, Lillan Eliassen, participation in the group exhibition 'Can you hear me', Galeria FAB, University of Arts,Tirana, Albania, 14 September–5 October 2022. 60 000 NOK.

Eyvind Solli Andreassen, Format at Enter Art Fair, Tunnelfabrikken, Copenhagen, Denmark, 24 –28 August 2022. 10 000 NOK.