Curator in Residence 2020–2022

Papa woven by Fafine Niutao I Aotearoa, as part of Lakiloko Keakea’s exhibition, Fafetu at Objectspace 2018
Community Development Curator at Objectspace, Zoe Black, is Norwegian Crafts' Curator in Residence in 2020–2022

Norwegian Crafts has invited Zoe Black to be our Curator in Residence in 2020-2022. With this residency we aim to further dialogue about Indigenous craft practices and contemporary craft from both Aotearoa New Zealand and Norway. One of the key outcomes will be the strengthening of new and existing connections and an enriched understanding of working with diverse communities. Both Objectspace and Norwegian Crafts are undertaking work to address ways in which their institutions can honour Indigenous making practices.

Objectspace’s community development project, that Zoe is leading, is a framework for how the gallery engages practitioners, communities of makers and audiences. Through co-design and collaborative programming, the project aims to remove barriers to access and build long-term relationships with practitioners and communities from Moana Oceania, Asia and under-represented communities living in Aotearoa New Zealand. These relationships result in exhibitions developed in partnership with the communities to promote and advocate for critically under-represented craft and object art forms.

Stories of Making: Across the Ocean, over the Mountain

As a part of this residency Zoe Black, Objectspace and Norwegian Crafts are undertaking a collaborative project titled Stories of Making: Across the Ocean, over the Mountain. The project is aimed at creating opportunities for Indigenous practitioners and continuing the dialogue in the craft field between Sápmi and Norway, Aotearoa New Zealand and beyond, exploring how living cultural practices are unique to place and people yet offer common ground to come together. The project includes an online seminar programme taking place in November 2020.


Zoe has contributed to our online Articles with two interviews, both co-published with the Norwegian magazine Kunsthåndverk. During her first visit to Norway in February 2020, she had the chance to pay a visit to the home of one of the foremost textile artists in Norway, Brit Fuglevaag. The visit resulted in an interview titled Weaving the Wild: the work of Brit Fuglevaag

The second interview is with the artist collective Mata Aho Collective. Norwegian Crafts is working with Mata Aho for a project to take place in Sápmi and Norway in 2021. Zoe talked with Mata Aho in preparation for this project. Read the interview titled Mata Aho: Māori weaving practices at atua-scale.

About Zoe Black

Zoe Black is the Community Development curator at the gallery Objectspace in Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand. Zoe has a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Postgraduate Diploma in Secondary Teaching from The University of Auckland as well as a Masters of Art Management from AUT - Auckland University of Technology. 

Zoe has held positions at Media Design School, Wallace Arts Trust and most recently as Manager Curator of Malcolm Smith Gallery. She has developed a number of successful exhibitions including Areez Katki’s BildungsromanGarden of Memories with Giles Peterson and Benjamin Work’s Whenua, Fonua, ‘Enua